About Jayne

  I have been painting and drawing since childhood and am self-taught.

I work mainly in pencil and watercolour and cover a wide range of subjects; my speciality is presentation in very fine detail.

I vary my style with the context (e.g. classical, historical etc.) but also enjoy other textural fields where, for example; water, steam, metal and glass, provide much scope.

Exhibitions include amongst others; "Points of View 1" and "Points of view 2". These exhibitions incorporated a wide range of paintings and drawings and included a variety of subjects that have been of interest to me.

There have been many, including a child portrait of a Bedouin Girl - "Pearl of Wisdom" - who'm I met on my travels in the Far East. This original painting was donated to Save The Children in 1984 and has since been released in limited edition print format.

Jayne's painting "Pearl of Wisdom"

In 1984 I completed a detailed, pencil drawing of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol UK, which I call "The Link." Drawn from a friend's home, this magical piece of engineering genius, inspired me to create a whole catalogue of detailed pencil drawings. "The Link", still represents for me a link in a fine piece of jewellery. I have loved this famous landmark since I was a very small child when I vividly, recall, looking out for this famous Bristol landmark on long family journeys. I have always been captivated by its fairytale quality with its sparkly lights and jewelled appearance. This world famous icon, inspired me to create a catalogue of detailed pencil drawings. 

The launch of my first Bristol exhibition in 2006 was timed to coincide with Isambard Kingdom Brunel's 200th. Birthday Celebrations. Entitled:"Brunel's Kingdom", I chose pencil as the medium for this collection of drawings because of its close relationship to engineering drawing. Each of the drawings from this collection is now supported by a limited print series, A4 mini prints, greetings cards, fridge magnets, mugs and postcards. I am hoping to create an engineering hand book from these drawings at a later date.

This collection was swiftly, followed by another series of drawings entitled: "Telford's Way", featuring the wonderful works of Thomas Telford.

Working on S.S. Great Britain for "The Brunel Collection", 2005

My "Art of London", collection followed later, and currently illustrates a few of Britain's other jewels; those which adorn London's skyline and currently include drawings of St. Paul's Cathedral and Big Ben.

From 2009, I began to create a new collection of paintings entitled:"Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion". It was so lovely, to experiment in paint again! Many of the associated prints from thirteen A2 sized, originals are stocked in Bristol local shops and museums. I continue to add to this collection.

There are many artists who'm I greatly admire and for many different reasons. I love "Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh. I feel that he recorded a lot of the colours from his imagination, creating a painting which almost glows. For me, this is a special talent.

Hockney's "The Swimming Pool," is another great favourite of mine. 

My favourite quotation is: "The very best way to know life, is to love many things", by Vincent Van Gogh.

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