"Women of Distinction"

First Day Cover, Bletchley Park


"Women of Distinction" is the title of the new Royal Mail stamp issue, which was released on October 14th 2008. Bletchley Park is honouring its own "women of distinction" through a first day cover to carry the stamps. Artist Jayne Abbott was commissioned to produce six portraits from wartime photographs of women who served at Bletchley Park between 1939 and 1945. They represent the many thousands who worked there in complete secrecy to crack enemy codes. The portraits then formed part of Jayne's unique envelope design. The Royal Mail stamps are being added and cancelled using a special Bletchley Park postmark. Only 1000 of this little piece of art and history will be issued. Issue price will be £15. Terry Mitchell of Bletchley Park Post Office said, "The last time we did this the complete issue sold in days raising much needed funds. If anybody ever decided to let one go it will probably fetch a hundred pounds plus now. Jayne's superb artwork has made this one even more collectable". Once again the tiny post office that was once an undercover mailroom is doing its bit to help preserve both the fabric and history of Bletchley Park Although the women featured on the stamps are not connected with Bletchley Park, together with the Bletchley Park images, they represent the range of roles in which women have distinguished themselves.

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