The Conwy Suspension Bridge and the Menai Straits Bridge were built simultaneously as part of the Great Highway between Chester and Holyhead. Both were opened in 1826. Built in the shadow of the medieval 13th century Conwy Castle, this elegant suspension bridge was one of the first road suspension bridges to be built in the world. Spanning the River Conwy the bridge replaced the ferry which was, previously, the only means of crossing the river. Attempting the crossing before this was a daunting prospect for travellers; the river currents are treacherous and many people were drowned in the attempt. Two towers, both 40ft high and constructed of solid penmon limestone, support the wrought iron chains of Telford s bridge over the river Conwy. The main span of this Gothic Suspension Bridge is 327 ft. The towers are 12ft 4in in diameter and support two tiers of chains made up of five 9ft links. Vertical rods support the carriageway. The battlements of these supporting towers match the medieval turrets of Conwy Castle Now closed to vehicular traffic this bridge is now flanked by a new road bridge and Robert Stephenson s iron box railway bridge.

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