The Cabot Tower, is set in the beautiful parkland of Brandon Hill near Park Street in the West End of Bristol and stands on the highest point of Brandon Hill Fort. The tower is a landmark that can be seen from many parts of the city and at night it’s beacon flashes a message in Morse Code.v Built between 1896 and 1898 in memory of John Cabot, 400 years after he set sail in the Matthew from Bristol and landed in what was later to become Canada in North America. The CCCC cut into each side of the tower represents the 400 anniversary. Above the entrance door in the north side of the tower is the Bristol Coat of Arms and on the east side is the coat of arms of Henry V11 with a plaque relating to Cabot’s achievement. Designed by the Bristol Architect William Venn Gough, The Cabot Tower was opened on 6th. September 1898 and was said, to be based on a tower in the Loire in France. The Tower was paid for, by the public. Cabot Tower consists of a spiral staircase and two viewing platforms, which overlook the city. It is principally made of red sandstone with dressings of cream coloured Bath stone. The winged figure at the apex of the 30 ft spire represents Commerce.  
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